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About Us  


Siena provides project management, design and development services to end users, customers and suppliers of software, electronic and mechanical systems.


At the beginning of every project, as the requirements are being defined, projects will have inherent risks due to ill-defined scope, resources and time-scales.  With over 25 years of experience in public and private sectors, Siena is able to draw on proven techniques and expertise to reduce these risks during the project lifecycle.


Working with the end-user, Siena is able to define realizable project plans with the resources and time-scales available.  These are then followed through with appropriate management controls to ensure that the project completes on time and within budget.


Working with customers, Siena is able to support user requirements definition, tendering, contract negotiations and audit of the supplier's project phases to ensure that all risks have been identified and minimized.


Working with suppliers, Siena is able to provide project management and engineering expertise to support the development of systems.  Siena also has experience in supporting projects, that have become delayed and over budget, to get back on track.