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Our Approach


Siena’s approach to the design and development of systems emphasizes the continuing need to understand and refine the understanding of user requirements.  This approach is described in more detail below.

1. User Requirements  Siena places great emphasis on understanding user requirements before the project begins.  These requirements will be reflected back to the customer by Siena in a proposal that will include the major subsystems identified. These subsystems include the final system components and management and development process components needed to complete the project. The project plan is based about these subsystems.


2. Requirements Specification  Throughout the project, Siena creates and refines a Requirements Specification that defines what the system will do in terms of the subsystems identified.  The specification is used as a validation and verification tool to ensure that the final system satisfies user requirements.


3. Status  On a regular basis, Siena will take part in meetings to present the current status and progress of the project.  Reporting will be based about the major subsystems identified.  Requirements will be refined and alternative engineering approaches will be discussed.  Actions to progress the project will be identified and monitored.


4. Design & Development  Siena proceeds to design and develop the final system using the Project Plan and the Requirements Specification as a metric to keep the project in scope and on schedule.